What We Will Do For You

Cullen Asher (USA) LLC is an institutional client-focused financial services firm with offices in New York and Dallas.  Our diverse Capital Markets focus encompasses broad-spectrum trading and sales of fixed income securities.  Our firm’s reputation flourished offering analytics supporting liquidity and distribution for structured credit securitizations including RMBS/ABS/HEQ/CMBS/CLO and other private label structured products

Cullen Asher (USA) LLC was established in early 2010 by Gregory R. Thompson, who over the previous decade worked for both Deutsche Bank Securities (2000), and Cantor Fitzgerald in ABS Trading & Credit Products.  Over seven years later, Cullen Asher continues to meet the needs of the institutional investor not only providing a spectrum of Capital Markets Services but a comprehensive suite of risk management solutions, analytics, asset management, valuation, and advisory services.

At Cullen Asher, we strive to simplify the process for the institutional investor, affording a platform of visibility, transparency, and liquidity, allowing our customers to effectively and efficiently access the Debt Capital Markets. Take advantage of the unique depth of our Capital Markets experience, relationships, focus and distribution. Investment opportunities become more transparent when you, as an investor, are in a position to lift the veil. Our innovative, modern distribution platform becomes yours, as you become part of our successful strategy and not just another customer of an obsolete distribution model. We have taken the first steps for you and proven they can be profitable, empowering, productive and efficient despite the evolving credit and regulatory environment.

Cullen Asher Capital Markets Solutions offers long term, tax-advantaged investment and short term, amortizing cash flow strategies for qualified investors.