Valuation & Advisory

Cullen Asher Valuation & Advisory Services offer a comprehensive suite of risk management solutions that allow for detailed evaluation of complex structured credit securities and more liquid, US Government Securities portfolios.  The Depth of our experience assures you won’t be forced to rely on the latest black box model based on waning historical data.  We take accountability to the next level and regularly provide these services to many trusted names in the depository, asset management, regulatory, audit and investment advisory community.

Demand more than the graph and pie chart exposing when the embedded optionality you own succumbs to interest rate risk with rate (investor) shock scenarios.  We mitigate this risk before the transaction and recommend you don’t purchase more coupon in lieu of convexity and liquidity.  Thoroughly understanding how all portfolio assets respond differently to the same credit, economic, systematic, structural and legislative stimuli are powerful tools in managing exposure to portfolio price and cash flow volatility, downgrade, sector, credit, reinvestment and liquidity risks.

Credit Enhancement either evolves or adjusts to your portfolios ongoing exposure to loss or portfolio price volatility increases as the result of credit, systematic or interest rate risk.  Strategies are available to achieve duration with minimal credit or systematic risk.  These strategies are exponentially effective in US Government Agency MBS portfolios as the predominant risk basis is concentric; both prepayment and interest-rate driven.  Shifting Interest structures behave divergently when exposed to the same systematic stimuli as OC/Excess structures.

Duration and credit risk tolerances for the more complex structured credit portfolio can be managed by modeling complex portfolio assets with directional and correlating stress scenarios, utilizing justifiable, verifiable data points.

While our competitors continue to assist the institutional investor with frequent reinvestment strategies, our lighthouse approach and in-depth analytics ensure these remain minimal.