About Us

Who We Are

Cullen Asher Capital Markets (USA) LLC is an institutional client-focused financial services firm with offices in New York and Dallas. Our Capital Markets focus is analytics, trading and sales of fixed-income securities, with a core focus in ABS/HEQ/RMBS/SUBS/CMBS/CLO and other private label structured credit securitizations.

Cullen Asher was established in early 2010 offering a spectrum of Capital Markets Services for the Institutional Investor. The effort we put forth and level of customer service we provide sets us apart from competitors yet the path to the results we generate is unique to our firm.  The answer is prophetically simple as to why we have been successful. Commitment, effort and results.  Results define who we are at Cullen Asher.  The depth of our experience allows us to enhance liquidity for a vast number of institutional investors reliant on our analytics.  Over the last seven years our platform earned the reputation it has today.  A reputation shrouded in results.

The liquidity crisis shed light on how the largest institutions in the world prefer to transact in the most complex asset classes; our platform affords the institutional investor with true market access and the ability to face other Investors in their pursuit of liquidity.  Our investor base is expansive and evolving, ensuring sellers face a natural buyer in each of our transactions. Cullen Asher maintains relationships with a diverse client base improving our ability to execute transactions efficiently, with exceptional results.  We are active with a vast number of the largest financial institutions in the United States and Europe, including banks, broker dealers, corporations, insurance companies, asset managers, hedge funds, public funds, mutual funds, pensions and endowments, further enhancing execution.

At Cullen Asher, our business culture is moored by integrity, trust and outstanding customer service.  As a firm, we continue to build a reputation with each transaction.  We make no attempt to obfuscate transparency or the most attractive opportunities for our customers.  Many of our offerings are internal, as we work for our customers, not other dealers. If you’re a seller this ensures offered side level liquidity, a true buy side commodity.  Cullen Asher continues to meet the needs of the institutional investor not only providing Capital Markets Services but a comprehensive suite of risk management solutions, analytics, asset management, valuation and advisory services.

Our firm separates itself from the competition across four key areas:

  • Experience
  • Relationships
  • Focus
  • Distribution

As Primary Dealers continue to pare down fixed income trading operations and seasoned staff migrates, having access to experienced professionals becomes a valuable commodity in the investor pursuit of transparency and liquidity.  Our two mortgage trading desks have over 30 years of combined Capital Markets experience alone, both buy and sell side, giving us a unique perspective on both the Private Label and GSE markets.  Cullen Asher Solutions for the institutional investor have become exponentially beneficial in this dynamic environment.  Results are the difference.

At Cullen Asher, we strive to simplify the process for the institutional investor, affording a platform of visibility, transparency, and liquidity, allowing our customers to effectively and efficiently access the Debt Capital Markets.  Take advantage of the unique depth of our Capital Markets experience, relationships, focus and distribution. Investment opportunities become more transparent when you, as an investor, are in a position to lift the veil.  Our innovative, modern distribution platform becomes yours, as you become part of our successful strategy and not just another customer of an obsolete distribution model.  We have taken the first steps for you and proven they can be profitable, empowering, productive and efficient despite the evolving credit and regulatory environment.