Asset Management

Separately Managed Accounts – Custody via Bank of New York Mellon Corp/Pershing
– Institutions
– High Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI)
– Friends & Family
– Family Offices

Cullen Asher Asset Management (“CAAM”) is the Asset Management Division of Cullen Asher (USA) LLC. CAAM was initially established for employees of the firm, friends and family to participate in unique credit opportunities and alternative investments across the credit curve. Our primary focus is structured credit investments and related trading strategies, including Private Label and US Government-Backed Real Estate Debt Securities, broad-spectrum Consumer ABS, Credit, and CLO’s. As our interests in these sectors evolve, our focus remains one of capital preservation, liquidity, diversification and current income through active sector allocation and alpha derived through market inefficiencies.

The Cullen Asher Unconstrained Fixed Income Strategy aims to generate a positive absolute return through a combination of income and capital appreciation. To achieve this goal we focus on preservation of capital while exploiting opportunities across the credit stack, poised to benefit from credit, economic, legislative, systematic and regulatory events. We don’t limit ourselves to specific asset classes, ratings, duration or position in the capital structure.

Cullen Asher maintains a long term focus. We are not speculators and adhere to strict investment disciplines moored by decades of capital markets experience. Our strategy affords us the option of maintaining a short duration portfolio, mitigating near-term interest rate risk, with the benefit of adding duration when exceptional return on investment opportunities emerge. Our unconstrained strategy offers the benefit of a core-bond fund approach, with the potential to create alpha, while managing exposure to interest rate, credit, extension, and basis risk. Basis risk has remained an issue at the forefront of our Valuation & Advisory Services, having advised a vast number of depository, asset management, regulatory, audit, and investment advisory institutions over the last decade. CAAM mitigates this risk by using specific structured credit investments to achieve duration with minimal credit risk.

Cullen Asher maintains a flexible mandate. There is a strategy in every market to benefit the institutional fixed income investor. The Cullen Asher advantage is defined by our investment experience; knowing when to deploy capital in distressed opportunities with confidence is paramount to providing attractive risk adjusted returns. Having deployed our own capital at the bottom of the credit stack our familiarity with risk and success transcends beyond recommendations. Our philosophy is simple; you must be able to ascribe a value to the premium received beyond the matrices that determines how that risk is priced. The benefit of assuming that risk must easily exceed market or index returns for worst case credit loss scenarios.

Cullen Asher Fixed Income Strategies range from ultra-conservative Full Faith & Credit US Government Securities focused disciplines suitable for the Public Sector, Banks, Thrifts, and Insurance Companies to multi-strategy real estate-backed debt securities including RMBS, CMBS, Consumer ABS, and CLO’s, preferred by Public Plans, Foundations, Endowments, Family Offices & HNWI.